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Educational Consultation Package


This package is right for you if you have a discrete problem or concern related to your child’s education and need advice

This package can be customized, but it generally includes:

  • A one-hour initial consultation to get a full understanding of your problem or concern
  • Individualized research to develop a plan to solve your issue
  • A one-hour follow-up meeting to help resolve your challenge

Examples of educational topics or concerns that could be right for this package are: a specific problem in your child’s school such as bullying, learning about or applying to specific school programs, or finding enrichment classes for your child with learning differences. 

Clarity Package

This EES signature package is customized to meet your child’s individual needs. It is a collaborative process where we work together to find the best educational solutions for your family and to help your child thrive. This package takes you from confused to clarity on the best educational options for your child.

Most families who choose this package are considering more than one type of educational or school option. 

This package includes (depending on your unique needs): 

  • A comprehensive one-hour intake session in person, by phone, or via Zoom (a live video conference) to discover your child’s and family’s needs and to develop a plan of action.
  • A full review of any educational, psychological or other evaluations as well as school and related reports to best understand your individual child’s strengths, challenges, and needs
  • Research into schools or programs that is individualized for your child’s needs
  • Guidance and advice on the best school options for your child
  • Recommendations for specific schools, special programs or alternative education options as well as helping you navigate the process to get there
  • Working with you on issues in your child’s current school environment and helping to determine if the current school is, or can be, the best school fit 
  • Discussions with admissions directors, school personnel, and other education professionals
  • Helping you formulate the right questions to ask when exploring a school for your child as well as providing guidance on the answers you receive
  • Two one-hour follow-up meetings in person, by phone or via Zoom.

Clarity Gold Package

 This package includes all of the benefits of the Clarity Package services, and goes more in-depth to help you with your educational challenges.

Services often extend outside of the office and into the classroom or school. If you need a customized package offering more help and guidance, this package is for you!

Clarity Gold includes all services provided in the Clarity Package, PLUS some or all of the following services depending on your child’s unique needs:

  • Visiting local schools with (or without) you as a professional educator who can see and understand schools with a trained eye
  • Observing your child in school to best understand his or her needs
  • Discussions with educators, therapists, and other professionals who work with your child to learn in-depth about your child
  • Attending school meetings to support you and help advocate for your child
  • Working in collaboration with you to develop goals and accommodations for your child’s IEP, 504 Plan, or other school plan to best meet your child’s needs
  • Help with understanding your rights as a parent under federal and state law and local education policies 
  • Follow-up meetings to discuss the results of an observation, school visit, or discussions with professionals
  • Communication with me via email, text, and phone for collaboration and clarification throughout the process
  • In-depth homeschooling guidance to set up your homeschool

Additional services are available. Please inquire.

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