What People Are Saying

“Stephanie, [your opening of EES] is  fantastic!! You will be filling a gaping professional gap that is waiting desperately to be filled. I had a [terrible] experience with an educational consultant. I came out of a meeting without having been helped in any way. And then saw a huge bill for the visit. My conversation with you was exceedingly more helpful (and comforting). With your knowledge and heart, you will be doing a huge service to both children and families as you begin work with a wider circle of folks. I am truly excited!”
 -Miriam Bloch
“Stephanie is an exceptional advocate, educator and consultant. She has an incredible wealth of information and experience that is not only useful to patient, school-aged children and young adults, but also to teachers, other educators and allied health professionals who focus on the educational needs of children. Stephanie is kind, patient, knowledgeable and genuine in her desire to help her clients. She provides ample support and guidance to help determine the best path, approach or resources needed for those she works with.”
-Kendra Neilsen Myles, CHES, BCPA – Executive Director & Founder of EDS Wellness, Inc.
“It was a pleasure meeting with Stephanie from Exceptional Educational Solutions. My children are unique and we were trying to find the best educational approaches to help them succeed. One of the options we had been considering was homeschooling and Stephanie’s broad knowledge of education in general and homeschooling specifically, were very useful. In addition to providing us with knowledge, Stephanie also empowered us by helping us in the decision-making process. Working with Stephanie was a valuable and productive experience. My husband and I highly recommend Exceptional Educational Solutions.”
-Suri L.
“My son was having trouble adjusting to his preschool program; he was advanced academically but needed extra support socially. Stephanie recommended we switch to a different program and request a certain teacher, and our son flourished under her care, and has since been successful and well-adjusted as he transitioned to school. Thank you Stephanie for your great advice, and knowing just what our son needed!”


“When I began homeschooling my children with learning differences and ADHD, I found Stephanie’s guidance invaluable. Very often it was Stephanie that pointed us in the direction of a great class or curriculum. I don’t know how she did it, but she always knew of every great program and event that was available. When Stephanie saw a need that wasn’t being filled, she sought to fill it herself by organizing classes, clubs and more. She is very organized, responsible and capable. She was always there to lend a hand or give advice and she responded quickly to all my needs.  Stephanie also understands and appreciates unique learning styles. If there is anyone that I would trust to help me navigate the  turbulent waters of education, it is Stephanie Frumkin.”

-Deborah Merkin


“When I first homeschooled, it was easy–I had a bright kid with no issues.  The second time, homeschooling felt vast and overwhelming in its choices. I had a very different kid – incredibly bright, severely dyslexic and diagnosed with ADHD, APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), and convergence insufficiency.  I was overwhelmed and distraught. Stephanie helped me tremendously.  She educated me about the concept of having a 2″E” child – a child who was incredibly bright and faced incredible educational challenges.  She introduced me to podcasts, where I could get support, recommended educational options for me, and helped me navigate a homeschooling world that was very different than the one I had known.  The resources she can pull from was an invaluable support for me.  And I knew she would be available for any questions I had and would be a steady, cool-headed supporter even in my hardest moments.”

-Aviva Fischer


“Stephanie is an understanding parenting mentor, a trustworthy and confidential professional who is passionate about children and how their needs can be met. She is always reading and researching and often has an article, a book, or a class to recommend. She is also is an incredible resource for connections to needed professionals, extracurricular classes, tutors, clubs, and activities that will enhance the learning of the student, especially the unique student that is marching to his or her own drummer. “
-Sharon S.

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