School and Advocacy

If your child is not thriving in his or her current learning environment, at EES we are here to help!


We can help you work with your current school placement to make improvements and make changes for the better. With a professional and caring education advocate at your side, you will gain support as well as strategies for working with your school. We do school observations to uncover the challenges in your child’s environment. We communicate with educators at the school and help you with the advocating process whether it be coaching you how to self-advocate or attending meetings with the school to attain a desired result. Additionally, detailed school observation reports from a trained education professional are available to present to your IEP, 504 Plan, or school team meeting.


School Placement

If you child needs a new start with a different schooling environment, we can help. With a wealth of schooling options in the D.C. area, we help you choose just the right fit so your child will thrive academically, socially and emotionally. From public school options to a vast array of private schools, online schools, hybrid schooling, and homeschooling—we will do the research for you as well as talk to school professionals about your individual child’s needs. We do much more than just provide a print out of private schools, we visit schools, engage with school administrators and admissions counselors, and coordinate placement for your individual child.


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