Parent Support Services


At EES we understand how difficult it can be when your child is struggling in a school environment that is a poor fit. This situation can affect everyone in the household. We provide support to parents undergoing this kind of stress and can help them process what they are going through. Sometimes parents just need a listening ear or sometimes they need tools and tips for parenting their challenging child—we provide both. Additionally, we direct parents to outside professional resources for the family to help in these turbulent times.


Connection to Important Resources

With connections to outstanding outside providers, EES can guide your family to the best mental health professionals, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, medical professionals, and more. We can also refer you to excellent educational and psychological testing providers to gain deeper understanding of your child’s needs. 

We also provide parents direction to support resources such as parenting books, podcasts, Facebook groups, listservs, websites, and even hold in-person parent support groups if requested.


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