With a both a traditional education background as a former public school teacher (MCPS and PGCPS) and as a homeschooling mom of nearly five years, Stephanie has a wealth of experience in helping families achieve their educational goals in homeschooling.


We have a special interest in and experience with students with special needs and neurodiversity including gifted, twice exceptional, ADHD, Asperger’s/Autism, anxiety, learning differences, and English language learners (ESOL), as well as in Jewish education.

New Homeschoolers

We can help if you are new to homeschooling and looking for guidance in planning your homeschool. We will provide the guidance and support that you need to make this year a successful one!

During our consulting sessions we will…

-demystify homeschooling (You can really do it!)
-explain pertinent homeschool laws
-discuss homeschool reviews and umbrella group options
-teach you about different homeschooling theories and methodologies
-help you plan your year ahead
-guide you in finding the right classes, clubs, and co-ops for your family’s needs
-inform you of all the support options available to you as a homeschooler
-work with you to plan a weekly schedule
-help you stay focused on scope and sequence to meet your year-end curricular goals
-get you on track with organization
-help you choose the right curriculum for your children’s individual needs
-advise you in how to juggle your different kids’ needs as well as balance your personal needs and responsibilities
provide the guidance and support that you need to make this year a successful one!


Seasoned Homeschoolers

Need new tips and advice to keep your curriculum fresh?
Moving on to the next stage in your child’s development (e.g., transitioning from elementary to middle school)?
Coming from a new school district or from out of state?
Looking for more resources?
We can help you reach your goals and become more connected with the resources you need. Get un-stuck and help your family achieve a successful homeschooling experience.

Homeschool Review Planning

Get organized for your review. Turn those piles of papers and digital photos into a review you feel proud of! As a former public school teacher, Stephanie knows what those reviewers are looking for!

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