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About EES

EES is committed to finding exceptional educational solutions for exceptional children and supporting families on their journey to success.

EES helps families discover the best educational solutions for their child. We specialize in working with students with out-of-the-box learning styles and learning differences. We support parents, giving them the confidence and knowledge to take their child’s education to the next level. Rest assured, if your child is not thriving in his or her current school environment, at EES we offer a wide range of services to help with your family’s educational needs.

Areas of Focus

Learning Differences – ADHD – Autism/Asperger’s – Anxiety – Giftedness – Twice Exceptional (2e) – English Language Learners (ESOL) – Special Needs

Alternative Education – Traditional Education – Homeschooling – Jewish Education


Founder of EES – Educational Consultant, Advocate, Educator

With a passion for excellence in education, Stephanie earned both a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Leadership in Teaching with concentrations in School Administration and Supervision as well as Teaching English as a Second Language. She has taught in many settings including public schools (MCPS and PGCPS), private schools, English language institutes and community colleges. She has also taught religious education and small group classes, provided one-on-one tutoring, as well as homeschooled her children. Additionally, she has been a summer camp director, an educational program coordinator at a non-profit, and an event planner. Stephanie has enjoyed over 25 years of experience in the field of education.

With her experience in public and private education on both sides of the IEP table, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of schools, best practices in education, and a sensitivity to families struggling under the stress of a poor educational fit for their child.

As both a parent and educator, she understands the difficulties children and parents face when interfacing with a school system that caters to students “inside the box.” After exploring a multitude of schools and alternative learning environments for her “out-of-the box” learners, she decided on the path of homeschooling for close to five years. Currently, her children are successfully placed in exceptional learning environments (schools) which are tailored to each child’s unique needs. Stephanie is committed to finding exceptional educational solutions for exceptional children and supporting families on their journey to success.

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